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Ahren Griego

Joshua Griego

Junior Varsity

Erik Crum

Robert Glass


Benito Ortiz

5/7/19 7:53 AM
8/8/19 9:46 PM
5/7/19 7:52 AM
5/4/20 10:05 PM


Mission Statement

The Volcano Vista High School Wrestling team promotes first and foremost the need for educational excellence by inspiring our students to achieve post secondary success, challenging ourselves to continually improve in and out of the wrestling room, and incorporating our community with collaboration and communication to promote dedication, discipline, and pride amongst each other.



Social Responsibility Initiative

VVHS wrestling is working towards developing a social responsibility program that encompasses two main objectives; pursuing benefits for the program and for the community. With a minimal budget are goals are basic and straightforward, but are pertinent to the growth of the program. The first and primary initiative is our 1-team 21 sports program that incorporates all sports at VVHS to be a unified body and voice. This program was founded from day 1 at VVHS and has been a huge catalyst in the success of the school. Within this unified effort, as a team we will support other programs by attending their meets and games. 

Outside of the school we annually work to give back to our community by participating in the Special Olympics. This is a mandatory event for all athletes and staff of the wrestling to participate in. The event is one day long and we service hundreds of special needs athletes, the experience is beyond rewarding and introduces the athletes to a population that they are unfamiliar with. It’s within this learning environment that the athletes are really put in a setting where they can gain meaningful experience that can help improve social understanding and responsibility. 

An internal perspective of what is being instilled in the VVHS wrestling program is the development of a “new” culture. This culture is based on the goal of building a tenured successful wrestling program that produces championship caliber, scholarly, and honorable young men. This “new” culture will be produced in a positive learning environment; the students will learn the fundamental skills, strategy and physical training necessary to realize a degree of individual and team success. This success will be complimented with the civil instruction that will lead to the formulation of moral values, pride of accomplishment, acceptable social behavior, self-discipline and self-confidence.



Team Captains

Moses Santiago

Jon Garcia

Diego Pavia

Johnny Herrera

Manuel Robles

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