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Credit Recovery


We've all been there. You didn't do well in a class or you didn't pass it all together. We have options for you to recover your credits.  Make a meeting with your counselor to discuss the credit recovery option that's right for you.  Here are some recovery options:

  • eCademy- (during the School Year)
  • APS Summer School

Option 1: 
eCademy is an online recovery program where students work independently on their own to recover credits. The cost of recovering a course is $25.00 per semester.  Students can work at their own pace and some students have completed a course in 6 weeks. eCademy classes cannot be added at certain dates during the semester, so it's important to meet with your counselor as soon as possible to set up your class.

Option 2: 
Summer school has both face to face recovery options and online recovery options.  Pre-registration for summer typically takes place in April. Usually there is a fee to take summer school courses. Check the website for more information when registration opens.