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Posters/Flyers, Scheduling, School Trips, Hazing Policy & SOAR


Posters, flyers and advertisements must have written approval of the Activities Director before being hung in the school. Posters may not be placed on doors as it peels the paint. Posters should be hung up on the walls using staples. It is the responsibility of the person or organization hanging posters to remove them the day after the activity has been held.



Volcano Vista groups planning to sponsor activities or fund-raisers must request approval from the Activities Director in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts or problems. The Activities Director also must approve booster club fundraisers for all sport teams and organizations. This policy applies to off-campus as well as on-campus fund raising activities.  Fundraisers will not be approved without a current constitution on file. All fundraiser approval forms must have the flyer or advertisement attached, or the fundraiser will not be approved. Games of chance such a Vegas Night or a raffle, by any name, are prohibited on or off campus.    

To schedule use of facilities, contact the Athletic Director for gym or field use and the Activities Director for use of the lecture hall or performing arts center. 

School Trips/Field Trips

The school administration must approve all trips and Hawk Absences. All field trips must be approved two (2) weeks prior to the day of the event. The last day for classroom field trips in the fall semester is December 2, 2016 and March 31, 2017 for spring semester.  District, regional, state and national competitions are exempt from these deadlines. Field trips must enhance the curriculum or be directly related to a school activity/team.

Field Trip Bus Scheduling:

•Buses must be scheduled by the sponsor with a Purchase Order

•Field trip form must be approved by administration

•Parent Permission forms are required for students to ride a bus during a school sponsored event

•Students must ride to and from event on the bus with the Sponsor or a staff member

The last day for classroom field trips in the fall semester is the first Friday in December and the last Friday in March for spring semester.



Volcano Vista High School expects all students to 

SOAR - Safe - Organized - Achiever - Respectful.

When students SOAR, faculty and staff work to recognize, promote and reward these behaviors by giving students SOAR Points. Students will use their SOAR Points to redeem snacks, Hawk merchandise and other items in our Hawk SOAR Store (located in E120) during lunch. At the end of every 6 weeks students are entered into a raffle to win various prizes based on 0 office referrals and 85% attendance. Each semester, there is a grand-prize drawing from for all students who have 0 office referrals and 90% attendance during the semester.  A matrix is on page 20 & 21 that gives examples of what it looks like to SOAR at Volcano Vista High


Hazing Policy

All students should be aware of the Board of Education’s ‘Hazing’ policy as it pertains to initiation into an organization. “Hazing will not be permitted as a condition of membership in any group or organization connected with APS.  Hazing is defined as:

•To harass by exacting unnecessary, disagreeable or degrading tasks or activities which may result in harm or bodily injury to an individual

•To play abusive and humiliating tricks on an individual by a way of initiation.