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Dawn C'de Baca

 Freshman Academy Counselor  

 9th Grade Alpha A-K

     890-0343 ext. 37021

Ruben Garcia

Freshman Academy Counselor

9th Grade Alpha L-Z

     890-0343 ext. 37080 

Lena Aragon

     Counselor 10th-12th 

     Alpha A-Gol

     890-0343 ext. 37157

Robert Monclova

     Counselor 10th-12th 

     Alpha Gom-O

     890-0343 ext 37111

Vickie Gonzalez

     Counselor 10th-12th

     Alpha P-Z

     890-0343 ext. 37112

Kevin O'Sullivan

     College & Career Counselor

     890-0343 ex. 37196

Michelle Medved

      Crossroads Counselor

      890-0343 ex. 37210

VVHS Counseling Services

Volcano Vista High School Counseling Department

Mission Statement

The Volcano Vista High School Counseling Department's mission is to help all students to reach their utmost potential in academics, personal/social, and career development through a comprehensive counseling program. 


Scholarship Bulletin

Scholarship Information

Where do I find scholarships?

Try any of these scholarship search engines:                                                        

What do I need to know about scholarships?

1. They’re worth the effort!  Applying for scholarships can be time-consuming, especially during your busy senior year, but there is a LOT of money available to students who make the effort to search and apply for scholarships.  Set aside time weekly to work on searching for scholarships, preparing requirements (writing essays, obtaining transcripts, requesting letters of recommendation) and turning in top-quality applications.

2. Pay attention to deadlines.  Some scholarships require online applications; some must be mailed/postmarked by a set date or even hand-delivered.  Be sure to apply well in advance of the deadline.  Give your recommenders at least 2-3 weeks’ notice to write you letters, and provide a stamped, addressed envelope (if appropriate) or clear directions about how and when you’ll follow up.  Be sure to thank your recommenders with a nice card or note of appreciation.

3.  Consider what they’re looking for.  Each scholarship has different requirements, possibly including GPA, community service/volunteer work, leadership experience, and/or an essay.  Be clear on the requirements and complete all parts of the application.  Remember: the students you’re competing against will also have strong records; ask yourself what sets you apart, and make sure that comes across!

4. Essays:  Topics vary dramatically, and you want your essay to stand out from the crowd.  Tailor each essay to the individual scholarship.  Be sure to check your spelling AND proofread well.  Ask a trusted person to read over your application and give constructive feedback before you send it off.

5.  Scholarship Types: Scholarships break into two different types: instructional and private. Institutional scholarships are funded by the college or university and usually have requirements such as test scores and GPS. Private scholarships are offered by non-profit organizations or companies who fund a scholarship. Remember these can be national or local, while local scholarships may be less in amount they may also have less competition.

6.  Beware of scams!  Never release your Social Security number, credit card or bank information, or fall prey to “phishing” e-mails you may receive.  If it sounds too good to be probably is.




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