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Lockers and Lost & Found


  • Students are assigned lockers as part of the registration process. Once lockers are assigned students may not move lockers without an administrative signature. 
  • All empty lockers without locks will be purged after 2 weeks after the start of the fall semester. At this time students may request a locker change in the Activities Office.
  • If a student is in the wrong locker the lock will be cut off. 
  • Each student is responsible for the condition of his/her locker, i.e. no graffiti. If someone defaces a locker, it should be reported to the administration. 
  • Students are reminded that lockers are school property, and with reasonable suspicion, may be opened by school authorities without student consent. 
  • Students are advised not to keep valuable items in lockers; to do so may invite break-ins. 
  • Students should report locker problems to the Activities Office although the school has no responsibility for theft or damage to locker contents. Any stolen/missing/lost textbooks need to be replaced at the student’s expense. 
  • We suggest students put their locker combination into their phone so as not to forget it.
  • PE lockers will be distributed by the PE department.
  • Please have any items removed by the last day of spring semester finals (2:30 pm, Wednesday, May 24, 2022). 

Lost & Found

Lost & Found  

The lost and found is located in the Activities Office. Students will show their student ID to claim their belongings. Students are advised not to bring valuable items to school. Unclaimed articles in the lost and found will be donated to charities at the end of each semester.