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School Imposed Absences & Leaving School/Campus & Withdrawal

School Imposed Absences

Absences imposed on students by Volcano Vista High School (i.e. suspensions, Hawk Absences, referrals to administration, appointments with nurse, counselor or peer mediation) will not affect the student’s attendance record.

Leaving School prior to the End of the Semester

The school frequently receives requests for students to leave school before the end of the semester.  The school is not obligated to provide makeup work and final grades will reflect the fact that the student did not complete all required work.  In cases of personal illness/ family emergency, the administration will attempt to make provisions to allow the student to complete required work so that grades will not suffer.  The semester exam schedule applies to all students.

Refer to the APS Student Behavior Handbook for more information.


Withdrawal from School

Students who withdraw from Volcano Vista High School for any reason must follow the procedures in the office.  Students may not checkout without parental permission.  All outstanding fines and books must be paid for or returned.

Leaving Campus Early

Unless sent home by the nurse, any student who leaves campus early or who returns to campus during the school day must check in/out with the office.  To expedite this process parents/guardians should:

  1. Send the student to school with a signed and dated note or appointment slip indicating the student’s destination (such as doctor’s appt.), time of departure, expected time of return and a copy of your driver’s license is needed to verify you are the legal guardian.  
  2. When the student returns to campus he/she should check in the office with a signed and dated note or appointment slip indicating the reason the student was gone and the time the student left to return to school. Students who do not check in/out through the office will be counted unexcused. 
  3. Students with early dismissal, late arrival, CNM and/or CEC must have their schedule and ID with them in order to leave campus.

It is the responsibility of the parent and the student to keep track of attendance.  A calendar or chart should be used to record dates, times and reason for all absences.


Definition: Closed campus means students are to come and remain at school until dismissed by school officials. School officials will not release students during the day without written permission from a parent or legal guardian. No student visitors are allowed to attend classes. All visitors are to report to the office. School day hours are 7:30am-2:30pm.