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The Albuquerque Public School system recognizes that

Healthy students are better students!

The schools respect the right of parents to assume responsibility for the health of their child.
The health office is open during school hours for students in need of

  • first aid
  • health information
  • personal counseling
  • or referral to another health delivery service

The nurse may, with parental concurrence, excuse students from classes when they are ill or injured at school.

Parents are notified of all head and eye injuries and any other condition that requires further medical attention. Generally, APS policy discourages the administration of medication at school. However, when a student needs to take prescription medication during school hours, arrangements can be made with the nurse. Over-the-counter medicines (aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen) are not given in the nurse’s office.

Students must be in compliance with New Mexico state law regarding immunizations in order to attend Volcano Vista High School.

Medical Kit