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Grade Point Average, Report Cards, Schedule Corrections, Transcripts & Withdrawal

Grade Point Average

The student’s semester grades determine grade point average.  Grade point average is based upon the following:

A = 4 points

B = 3 points

C = 2 points

D = 1 point

F = 0 points

In addition, grades in honors classes include a weighting factor in determining grade point average.

Students who repeat a course will receive credit only once.  The higher grade is recorded on the transcript; only the higher grade is used in computing the grade point average.  Classes evaluated on a pass/fail basis are not counted in computing GPA or class rank.

“W/F’s” (withdrawal from the class with a grade of “F”) are counted for computing grade point average.

The basic grading system used at Volcano Vista High School is based on a percentage system: 






Absences eliminate the student’s ability to participate in class activities and discussions therefore attendance is absolutely necessary.  In addition to assignments teachers may utilize a participation grade to determine the overall quarter/semester grade.

Schedule Corrections

Because students had an opportunity to select classes through pre-registration, the school does not allow program changes unless the student was assigned to the wrong academic class level.  These corrections must be requested through the counselor with recommendations from the parent and teacher involved.  Any corrections must be made within the first 10 days of school.  A class dropped after the second week of school results in an automatic “W/F” (withdrawal with a grade of F) for the course.


Report Cards

Report cards are issued every six weeks.  These reports are indicators of achievement to that point and do not represent credit earned.  Students earn credit toward graduation only after completion of a semester’s class work and the transcript contains only semester grades.  Report cards are also issued to students at the end of each semester.  Parents should check the school calendar for anticipated report dates.

Any grade below “C” should be an indication that the student is having some type of difficulty.  If parents desire a teacher conference, please call your student’s counselor or teacher. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss progress with teachers.

Transcripts & Permanent Records

Grades earned in high school become part of a student’s transcript or permanent record.  Only semester grades are recorded on the transcript.  Upon written request by students and/or parents, transcripts are sent to employers, to colleges/universities, and/or new schools entered.  The first four transcripts are sent free; thereafter, they are $1.00 each.  Please see the registrar for additional information


Withdrawal from Classes

 Students withdrawn from a class for poor behavior or attendance fail the class.  Their transcript shows a “W/F” for the class.  “W/F’s” are used: 

1. For withdrawal from a class because of inappropriate behavior;

2. For withdrawal from a class due to habitual truancy; 

3. For withdrawal after 10 days of a semester.  

A student may not pick up another class for credit within the same semester.