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Fire Drills & Food Services

Fire Drills & Safety Regulations

All APS schools are required to conduct fire drills as directed by APS.  All staff should have a Fire Escape Route posted in your room or office.  If you do not have one, see the Buildings and Grounds Administrator to get a copy.  Please follow the exact route indicated for your room.  Students and staff are not allowed to stay back during a fire drill at any time. This includes all cafeteria workers, custodians, guests, subcontractors and maintenance personnel. 

Due to the installation of the security gates along the athletic fields, we have had to re-route some classrooms to other meeting points during a fire drill.   All H Hall classes will now meet at the north side of the Main Building along the dirt field in the Auto Shop / Softball Areas.  All F Hall classes will go through the field gate and onto the soccer field. The 2 field gates will be open except during lunch and after school.

We are required to follow this drill schedule;

1st Week - Fire Drill

2nd Week - Fire Drill

3rd Week - Lockdown

4th Week - Evacuation

Then we are to conduct the following required drills throughout the school year;

  • 2 additional fire drill by the end of May

  • 2 additional ALICE drills by the end of May

Food Services

Both breakfast and lunch are available in the food courts.  A list of menu items and prices are available.  Students are responsible for keeping the areas clean.  Free and reduced price meals are available to those students who qualify; applications are available from the cafeteria manager.

The DECA program, located in H-hall and the Gym Snackbar/Lava Pit, located in the A-hall lobby will sell pizza during lunch. Food/drink items may not be purchased during class time. Vending machines may not be used during class time.


The delivery of food by Uber Eats, Grub Hub or any other food delivery service is not allowed.  If a parent would like to bring their child a meal, they have to do it right before or during lunch time and they must come up to the main office to check in.  Students are not allowed to leave class to get their food until lunch time and the office will make an all call. Due to safety concerns, students will also not be allowed to go to the driveway or parking lot to pick up food.


Due to safety and accountability concerns, the upper floor of the main building, the front of the school by the main ramp and the PAC west side will be closed for lunch.  Students can still eat on the first floor of the main building, the library patio and the A Hall patio.  If teachers choose to have students eat lunch in your class, they must be supervised at all times and a pass must be provided in advance.