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Security Brief for VVHS

Hello Hawks,


As promised, we have been working hard to review our current security structures. After much observation and discussion please be aware of the following that will be fully implemented on March 5. Please review with your children at home as we review with everyone via announcements and in classrooms. Please note that we are not asking for opinions, permissions or approvals, we are simply notifying you all of what’s coming to make sure you are well informed and prepared. We appreciate your support as we re-establish comfort with, and confidence in, our school safety protocols “By Any Means Necessary” (Malcolm X, 1964)


Entering the Building/Checking-in:

~All car riders will enter through the main entrance up the ramp

~All bus riders and student drivers will enter through the lower A entrance by the bus lot (all other entrances will be locked)

~After 7:25 all students will enter through the main entrance only (Students who drive will need to park and walk around to the main entrance)

***Tardy students will need to enter through the main entrance and check in at the main office before moving to any other place in the building (we need to have record that you are in the building as soon as you enter)

~All visitors will enter through the main entrance at all times, present ID to the receptionist and sign in

***If you are waiting for your child to come up to the office, please do so in the office area. Please do not wait in the main hallway (all other check-in/out procedures are the same including the updated food drop off policy)

***Please do not text your child to meet you in the parking lots or by the main entrance while you wait between the glass doors without checking-in



Students and staff must not, under any circumstances, prop or push open doors for anyone for any reason. All doors have sensors, and the office can receive notifications from APS Police when undesignated doors are disengaged. We will identify those who fail to comply using security cameras and impose all relevant consequences as warranted by the policy infraction.


CEC Classes:

Students taking classes at CEC will load and unload the bus in front of the school and enter/exit the building using the main entrance only. Please be sure to have your ID VVHS and CEC IDs with you at all times.


Early Arrivals:

~Students who arrive early to campus (if you have a first period) will wait inside the building for the 7:15 bell

~Students who do not have a first period (or other openings in their schedule) who choose to report to school early, you will need to check in at the front office and report immediately to the library where you will sign-in and wait until the start of your class (no more sitting around the school in open areas waiting for the bells)



~All classroom doors will be locked with interior windows covered during instructional time

~All staff are asked to increase visibility outside of all classrooms and throughout the hallways during passing periods and lunch as available

~When instruction will take place outside of the classroom, a safety plan will be presented to the expanded security team for approval and location notification no less than 3 days before the planned activity. Plans will be shared with all admin and clerical. Radios will be checked-out to maintain uninterrupted communication in case of emergency. We must know the location of all classes at all times

~PE teachers, who regularly facilitate classes outside, will be outfitted with radios to maintain uninterrupted communication.


Hallways/Student Movement:

~Students will not be allowed in the halls without a detailed hall pass (student name, from/to locations, date time of departure and time sent back to class). We will use school issued, color-specific passes.

~No student groups or individuals will be allowed in halls to work unsupervised

~No early dismissals from class and absolutely no waiting in the halls for class change. Students are to remain in classrooms, supervised, during instructional times


Student, Staff and Visitor Identification:

~Must have school-issued ID in your possession (staff visible around your necks) at all times

~Students must be prepared to show ID if and when asked

~All visitors must present a valid ID when checking-in

~If you are here for a student, and your name is not listed on the student’s pick-up and/or emergency contact lists, you will not be allowed to engage with the student or leave items for the student (no changes will be made over the phone or by the student. Parent/guardian must do so in person)


Lunch Time:

~No students will be allowed outside during lunch (front or back)

~Students entering school during lunch must do so through the main entrance and be prepared to show your student ID


Front Entrance Modifications:

~We will be modifying the main entrance of the building to divert all students, staff and visitors directly to the front office rather than through the glass doors and into the main hallway during the instructional day

***Construction start date TBD


Security Surveillance/Security Personnel:

~ VVHS will be outfitted with fully upgraded, digital, 360 degree security cameras both inside and outside of the building. We will alleviate blind spots and greatly improve the quality of all captured images and video footage to include all aspects of the campus

~We have been allotted an additional Campus Security Aide

~We have on staff, housed on campus fulltime, an APS PD Detective who is armed, well trained and highly visible on and around campus

~We have additional APD presence assigned to the residential areas surrounding the school who respond to both community and school calls

~We are partnering with our parent advisory and our local Army recruiting office to provide additional, voluntary campus security support during and after the instructional day

***Requests for parent volunteers will be given out during student-led conferences. Please contact Mr. Alzaga if interested ext. 37301 or manuel.alzaga@aps.edu)

~Custodial and administrative teams will facilitate exterior door checks throughout the school day everyday





~We will increase the frequency of safety drills and facilitate during varied times throughout the day and year without notifying anyone (staff, students etc…) with the exception of key personnel

Posted by: William Thiebaut Published:2/26/18
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