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Unacceptable Behavior, Referrals, Anti Bullying Policy & Bus Regulations

The primary goal of Volcano Vista discipline policies and procedures is to provide an atmosphere, which promotes learning.  The aim of disciplinary measures is to assist each student in the development of self-control, positive employability skills, social responsibility, and acceptance of appropriate consequences for certain actions.  All students are urged to help create a positive educational atmosphere by maintaining proper respect for themselves, others, and school.

Unacceptable Behavior on Campus and at School Sponsored Activities

Serious misconduct warrants immediate suspension from school pending a parent conference. Repeated violation may also involve notification of juvenile authorities and/or removed from school.

Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Possession or use of unlawful drugs, narcotics, or alcohol.
  2. Fighting, physical attack, or physical harassment
  3. Possession of a weapon
  4. Vandalism or destruction of school property
  5. Refusal to obey school personnel
  6. Truancy
  7. Cheating/Forgery: Cheating on tests, papers, projects, etc. (Including plagiarism).
  8. Classroom disruption
  9. Profanity and obscene language
  10. Endangering others (snowballs, rocks, etc.)
  11. Reckless driving on campus.
  12. Loitering in halls or parking lot:  Any student who does not have a class scheduled is to report to the library or ISS.
  13. Electronic devices, cell phones, skateboards, Frisbees, or other disruptive items on campus will be confiscated and returned only to a parent.
  14. Eating or drinking in classrooms.
  15. Use of tobacco:  APS policy prohibits use of tobacco products on campus.  Therefore, smoking, chewing tobacco, dipping snuff, electronic cigarettes and/or look a likes are not allowed on campus.
  16. Public display of affection.
  17. Harassment of other students or staff members.
  18. Deliveries


Referrals to the administration regarding the above behaviors will result in one or more of the following, depending on the circumstances and severity of the violation:

  1. Conference involving any combination of administrator, student, parent, teacher, counselor.
  2. Parent contact
  3. Suspension
  4. Referral to ISS (in school suspension)
  5. Suspension of privileges
  6. Service to school (cleaning campus, etc.)
  7. Loss of credit for class.
  8. Legal actions or referral to juvenile authorities (in more severe cases).

Anti Bullying Policy

All students should be aware of the Board of Education’s ‘Bullying’ policy as it pertains to APS.  Per APS Board of Education, bullying will not be permitted at APS.  The policy makes it clear that the Board expects all schools to be safe, respectful learning environments, free of fear and intimidation.  This also includes all types of cyber-bullying as well.

Bus Regulations & Information

The same behavior is expected from students on buses as during the school day.  Students are to follow the driver’s directions.  Students unable to follow bus regulations will be denied bus privileges.  Students who do not live in the area covered by bus service may not ride the bus; in case of an accident, the friend is not covered by bus insurance.

The APS transportation division (505-880-3989) prepares bus schedules.  Information concerning bus schedules is available at the switchboard and at registration.