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Academic Requirements

Students must earn a total of 25 credits which includes:

Category Credits
English 4 Credits
Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebraic Models, Algebra II &/or higher)    4 credits
Science (Lab course in life science, chemistry and physics) 3 credits
NM History .5 credits
Government .5 credits
Economics .5 credits
World History 1 credit
U.S. History 1 credit
Health .5 credits
Physical Education 1 credit
Fine Arts/Practical Arts 1 credit
Electives 8 credits
TOTAL 25 credits

All students must take one unit of:

  • advanced placement (AP)
  • honors
  • dual enrollment/credit,
  • or distance learning

AND one unit of:

  • career cluster course
  • work-place readiness
  • or a language other than English

Courses that will satisfy the practical arts/fine arts requirement:

  • Career and Technology education
  • computer science
  • ROTC
  • art
  • music
  • drama,
  • yearbook
  • newspaper

All students are strongly encouraged to take two (2) years of the same language other than English, which count toward elective credits; most post-secondary schools have this as a minimum requirement for admission

0.5 credit is granted for each class (unless otherwise indicated) at the end of each semester

  • Credit is granted with passing grades (A, B, C, D)
  • Credit is not granted for non-passing grades (F, I, N, WF)

If a course is repeated; the higher grade will be used for the GPA (grade point average) calculation.

Students who drop a course after the 10th day of the semester will receive a WF (withdrawn with an F).

Students must meet the minimum requirements to be a student aide (minimum 2.0 GPA, teacher recommendation, excellent attendance, etc.), but may only earn 1.0 credit as a student aide.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in DUAL ENROLLMENT at CNM or UNM. Contact a counselor for information.

See your counselor for credit-recovery options.