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VVHS Clubs

2018 - 2019 Organizations
Club Name Contact Type Requirements
Academic Decathalon Taylor Elizabeth Special Interest  open
Air Force JR ROTC CAMPBELL, TOM Vocational Co-curricular
Ambassadors FRANCOUR,  Special Interest  nomination
Art Club GAMBLE Special Interest  open
Art Club KASER Special Interest  open
Band, Hawks BLAKEY, PAUL Performance  class
Best Buddies PRANGLEY, ANDREA Special Interest open
Black Student Union VASQUEZ, ALICIA Special Interest  open
Bowling BORK, LINDA Special Interest  open
Chorus CLARK, CLARISSA Performance  Co-curricular
Class of 2017 Senior Cabinet BULLARD-BROWN Class organization open
Class of 2017 Senior Cabinet WELLS, HEIDI Class organization open
Class of 2018 Junior House LONZ Class organization open
Class of 2018 Junior House WOODS Class organization open
Class of 2019 Sophomore Board CRAWLEY Class organization open
Class of 2019 Sophomore Board FINN, DAVID Class organization open
Computer Graphics ALLEN, LINDSEY Special Interest open
Creative Writing/Lit Mag RIZZARDI Special Interest  Co-curricular
DECA COLBURN, BRIAN Vocational/Class Co-curricular
English NHS FINN, DAVID Honor Society GPA
FCA Huddle  PEREZ Special Interest  open
French Club NHS TAYLOR ELIZABETH Honor Society GPA
Gay-Straight Alliance PHANEUFF Special Interest  open
German Club NHS BRANT, CRAIG Honor Society GPA
Hip Hop Club SUMAN, AMY Special Interest  open
Improv Club BRINDUSE Special Interest open
Improv Club ZIMMERMAN Special Interest open
Jazz Band BLAKEY, PAUL Performance  Co-curricular
Math NHS ALVARADO Honor Society GPA
Mock Trial GOODFELLOW, DOUG Special Interest  open
National Honor Society GREAVES, JESSE Honor Society GPA
Newspaper ZEULI, VIRGINIA Publication Class
Orchestra CLARK, CLARISSA Co-curricular class
Philosophy FINN, DAVID Special Interest open
Quill & Scroll WOODS Honor Society open
Rubics Cube HICKS, ROB Special Interest open
Senate WEIDNER, SUSIE Student Government class
Sign Language MARTIN, JENNIFER Special Interest open
Spanish Club LUCERO-RANKE, TANA Special Interest  open
Thespians GONZALES, DEANNA Honor Society GPA
TSA (Technology Student Assoc) GUSTAFSON, KARN NMAA open
Virtual Strategies CELLA Special Interest open
Vocal Velocity CLARK, CLARISSA Performance  Co-curricular
Wing Squad DURAN, ALICIA Special Interest  open
Yearbook WOODS, GEORGE Publication Co-curricular